Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Good Samaritan

Does helping others in any way makes you a better man? Being involve in different community services in our town gives me credit of being called “the helping man at all cause”. Offering my hand for free is just one of the many things that I do for a living. I do it with my whole heart and do not expect anything in return, for me it is one of my greatest achievement in life. Serving our community is a traditional practice that I do since my early childhood.


My family is involved in a Labour Party as well as Loans. We serve the people well by helping them in their funds, let them borrow money or apply for short term loans with a very low interest rate. We do this not just for business but also to continually help those who are in serious need. One of the quickest way to address an urgent need for relatively small amounts of cash is pawning a jewelry or stuff that has a positive value in the market like cellphone, gadgets, motorcycle vehicle and household equipment. In this way, a sum amount of money will be granted to the person who pawn thus giving them the benefit to use the money. We also provide our clients and customer different kinds of products and services that will address their current needs.


With the help of technology, we have come to innovate our facilities to provide better. We have include money transfer online where they can send and receive money wherever they are. These unique service has been providing a lot of benefits to the people globally thus making it a big hit in the market industry. Our business also provides short-term loan wherein we finance a temporary working capital needs for an entrepreneur so he can start operating his business. After which, if the business is already stable and earning its own revenue we will apply the loan interest until the entrepreneur can fully pay his debt. This method is a win-win situation both for our business and the borrower's business.


When we first started this business, we have received undesirable and judgmental criticisms from the people in our community as it impose negative impact because of the interest rate not knowing the long term benefits it provides them. But as time passed by, people began to notice that pawnshops is more beneficial compared to banks, as it does not impose as many documentary requirements before releasing money to the customers.


Furthermore, pawnshops are more accessible as they can be found even in the isolated areas where banks do not operate. Through time, we have established our reputation as the only pawn store that provides quality service at a very affordable rates.



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