Sunday, September 27, 2015

Turning Debt to a Vacation


I've been in loan business for years and I have seen dozens of people get in and out of debt in different ways. You will hear a lot of different stories from people when it comes to dealing with money, but one thing is for sure, dealing with debt can be very depressing.


For short-term solution, you can simply talk to your lender as quickly as possible, and ask them if they can give you more time. I've seen a lot of people coming to my shop for this, and since I run a local loan store, I cannot say no to them, but only once. After the first request, failure to settle your loan can get very nasty. In fact, I've dealt with a borrower who asked for a $500 payday loan and end up being in $2,300 debt.


When it comes to long-term solution, it'll be better for you to create a realistic budget. Getting out of debt as soon as possible will require you to reduce all your expenses immediately and focus most of your income to settle the amount you have to pay. I know you can easily cut your expense by $300 just by not eating at your favorite restaurant for a month. There are a lot of other unnecessary expense you can remove from your monthly budget.


Once you've settled all your debts, the first thing you should do is to never ever get into debt again! This can be done by transferring the amount that you used to pay your debt into your emergency funds. Yes! Forget about eating at your favorite restaurant and forget about everything you've removed from your budget, because you lived well without them. In fact, they could be the very reason why you can't get out of debt!


By building a pool of emergency funds, you won't have to worry about the money you need during emergencies. Since it is money you cannot touch, you may even use some of it for investment, given that you've saved enough for any emergency. All it takes is discipline and proper budgeting to really get back into shape - financially.

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