Monday, October 5, 2015

Helping Others & your Intentions

Helping Others & your Intentions

For someone like me,  the job is to always give other people a chance to improve their lives. A good way to do that is helping them through loan and cash advances. I always see to it that my customers get the most of my service, especially when they use my online directory.


I started establishing a small business, a loan and cash advance store. Of course it was hard for a first timer like me to operate even a small business like this.Fortunately, I was able to manage my business pretty well. I started to make  a good amount of transactions with my customers on a daily basis. As time passed by, I invested some money so I could finally have my own website.. Now when any new customers or current customers call and ask how they can get a loan or cash advance, I advise them to visit my website to get that information.


In 2009I had one customer named Gringo. He asked me how to get a loan  to start his own business. I explained  the process step by step  to make sure he wouldn’t get confused. We did have a very good transaction after telling him everything he needed to know. Luckily, he and I make a good business relationship. Everything went smoothly between us, until something happened to his pet named Cassy.


Cassy is a Manx cat. She is beautiful and her fur is as fluffy like a teddy bear. Gringo told me that Cassy was accidentally hit by a bicycle and as a result she became paralyzed  in the rear. She is unable to express her bladder or colon on her own. The former beautiful and healthy Cassy is now sad and distressed. After hearing the story behind what happened to Cassy, I did some research. I came across a cat that wears diapers that was diagnosed with Manx Syndrome.  I was able to contact the owner and discuss the best option in regards to getting Cassy to wear a diaper.


I explained to Gringo that Manx Syndrome is a term used to describe a rare condition specific to Manx breeds. The manx breed has a shortened or absent tail. This condition causes an abnormality in the spinal cord leading to significant neurological problems.

Gringo was very worried about Cassy’s condition and wanted to bring her to a specialist. Knowing that the costs would be high he has asked for another loan. Of course, I said yes.


Last week Gringo called to tell me that Cassy is now recovering from her accident. After hearing the news, I felt good for being able make other people’s lives better through loans and cash advances. Having compassion is a great treat when trying to make good connections with your customers.



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