Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Positive and Reduce the Negative

People falling in line with transaction ticket on hand waiting for their turn to be called. Priority numbers are given to provide quality service to each client. Tellers are smiling brightly to greet each and every one. This is the usual scenario in our bank every day.


Working with passion is one of the greatest characteristic each employee should possess. Being happy with your work would result to a productive outcome. Being a young professional who came from a family of banker, my parents would always say how important it is to have a stable career.


Having a good career will help you sustain your finances in the future and having insurance is very important to provide your needs in case of something happened. Those teachings instilled in my mind that I decide to work in the bank after I graduated in college.


I was assigned under the Insurance division where I need to sell PPI. Payment Protection Insurance is a protection product that allows the clients to insure repayment of credits once the borrower faced situations that may hinder them from producing income to service their debt. Encouraging client to have this kind of insurance is a challenge but the return is really a good investment.


I dedicated my time in my work to produce an excellent performance. I made sure to provide the right information to our clients so they can understand the product really well. Most of my client did not encounter any problems upon claiming their protection insurance.


I really put an effort to help and guide them with the proper steps on what they should do and the requirements that they will need. My clients would address me as a very approachable kind of person and would always greet me with smile whenever we would bump downtown. The relationship that I have established with them have given me a sense of fulfillment with myself and my career.

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